Laura’s Fall Tour Update No. 2

Great show in Saint Louis last night. The crowd was really friendly and participatory and loose. The owner let us use an apartment upstairs so Tennessee could sleep in a quiet place during the show (he slept under a table with a quilt over the top.)  All went well until the end of the night when the tenant came home with her German Shepard who barked furiously at little sleeping Tenn.  I swept him up off the floor and dashed him outside. An unwelcome adrenaline rush!

Funny places Tennessee has slept on tour: underneath the seat in front of me on the airplane, in a blocked off chimney in NYC, on a window sill in NYC, on various bedside tables, on the beach under an umbrella in Rhode Island, on towels on various hotel and green room floors, in a closet in a green room in Louisville and on a dog pillow in Tucker’s old closet in Nashville.  What a trooper!

Now we’re in Madison, out of the southern heat…. stay tuned for more adventures … xoxo

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  • Dan Melton

    September 24, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    1:00 AM I just came home from the Madison WI show. Thank You, Laura, for coming. You must be tired. It’s a long drive from St. Louis. You and your child are both troopers. Between songs, I was worried about your little one; I was listening for the baby monitor. You’re one of the great songwriters, Nick Drake-good. What songs, rich, shimmering, rhythmic, presented carefully on a plate. It’s a pleasure and a thrill to get to hear you. You, Alex & Tim really rock together. It was nice to hear the three of you on Cuckoo and Freight Train. Yes we wear t-shirts here when it’s 50; we’re Northern people, at least compared to Nashville, but it was warm in there tonight. You made a lot of people happy. Thank you, again, for coming. Safe travels on the rest of the trip.

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