Laura Veirs Daytrotter Session!

Laura Veirs was eight-plus months pregnant at the time of this recording. It’s something that you can’t pick out, no matter how hard you try – how closely you lean in. The Portland songwriter was with child for the first time and she was still out on the road, but nearing the end of this run of dates before heading home to wait out what could have been any day or any week, when that baby would be in her arms, looking up at the pretty, perfect match for a librarian that anyone could ever imagine, who happens to be its mommy. Veirs didn’t seem at all too uncomfortable, and if she was, she wasn’t letting on. She didn’t have a noticeable waddle. She seemed to be managing fairly well, considering the circumstances and enduring lengthy van rides every morning and afternoon…

Read more and listen to the entire session at Daytrotter

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