July Flame: Download, Pitchfork Track Review


Widely known for being among the most critical of media outlets, Pitchfork writer Dan Weiss had some kind things to say about Laura’s title track:

“July Flame”, the title track from her upcoming album of the same name, is a certain breakthrough, and for glorious 3:45 mere singing-songwriting is everything it could be: pretty, lyrical, sculpted, not sappy or cloying.  It’s nice to hear the word “unslakeable” spat in Veirs’ vaguely sexy purr, and while the violin-and-choir-assisted coda won’t be for everyone I know, she was right to dare it.

Just a reminder, you can download this track along with  “I Can See Your Tracks” for free in a single we’ve dubbed July Flame Overture.  We simply ask you to set up a quick customer profile before delivering the goods, so we can illustrate the wonders of The Raven Marching Band Shop now equipped to deliver downloads.

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  • Andrew Johnson

    November 18, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    Given the balance of his review, it is safe to say that Dan Weiss is a terrible reviewer… not because he didn’t seem to like the song, but because he is ignorant about what he was reviewing. Good critics provide reasons… not vague uninformed put downs and unsubstantiated comments.

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