“Warp and Weft” Unleashed


Hooray!  Warp and Weft is here today.  Find it at your local shop, your favorite digital retailer, or at Laura’s own Raven Marching Band Shop.  (Psst: We have a handful of signed copies left — first come first served.)

Now, those of you who have a copy in your hands, why not put your fingers to work while you bask in the soundscape?  Each CD and LP comes with a custom pkrinted origami paper.  Laura is willing to pledge money to The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence for each origami crane photographed with its creator, uploaded to her Facebook page.  For details, watch this video:

*PLEASE NOTE: THE LINK AND TEXT IN THIS VIDEO ONLY DISPLAY ON DESKTOP BROWSERS.  To get to the tutorial Laura mentions please click here: http://youtu.be/FSijU52XJ7w