Upcoming UK Tour This Summer!

Hi Everyone,

Looking forward to coming over to merry old England to play a bevy of shows in July with my old friend Alex Guy (myspace.com/ledtosea). Alex will be opening the shows with a badass display of mind-boggling viola loops and sonorous singing; I’ll play solo with Alex joining me on a few songs each night (you can hear Alex (aka Liz) on “Blue Ink” on the ‘red’ record.) I’ll have my guitar, banjo and looping station at my disposal — and I will do with them as I please! Or they will do with me as THEY please. Regardless, I’ll be playing songs again in England, and hoping for a little sunshine since Portland seems to be damned to an eternal winter. This will be my last visit to the old world for a while, so I hope to see you out there screaming your booties off.

I recorded a limited edition tour-and-web-only covers EP called “Two Beers Veirs.” The songs are all faves of mine, very dear to my heart, and I will be hawking said EP at the shows.

Also, I’ll bring along the last three albums on vinyl — I know how you artsy people love records. Me too!

In other news: OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA!