“Two Beers Veirs” on iTunes

Laura’s been staying very busy with preparations for the next full-length album, to be released later this year. It’s all very exciting stuff! Stay tuned for more details.

In the mean time, we have other great news for you:

Her latest self-released EP of cover songs, Two Beers Veirs, which was previously only available through Laura’s website and on tour, is now available as a digital release on iTunes for $4.95! You can do a quick search for “Two Beers Veirs” in the iTunes store or click HERE to go directly the album.

Laura says the conception of Two Beers Veirs was that of long time inspiration and spontaneous motivation: “I had been talking with Tucker about recording some of my favorite songs for a tour EP and one night at midnight he said, “Well, let’s just go and do it!” We headed downstairs and came up four hours later with an EP of songs that are dear to me.”

Also, we’ve lowered the price of The Young Rapture Choir CD to $5! Check out that and other goodies at the Raven Marching Band Records website.

Until next time. . .