Saltbreatkers Announced


NEW RECORD: In September and October we recorded a new album at Tucker’s house in Seattle. It’s called “Saltbreakers” (a term for “waves”) and comes out around the world on Nonesuch Records in late March. Steve, Karl, Tucker and I are the band, and we’ll be touring around in fancy outfits from late March through early June. I’m proud of this recording and feel it’s our most energetic, visceral yet.

MOVED TO PORTLAND, OR: Tucker and I moved to Portland! Steve is still in Seattle, and Karl’s in Anacortes. Portland is a beautiful town just 2.5 hours down the road from our dear Seattle peeps.

SPAIN/PORTUGAL TOUR: Tucker and I toured Portugal and Spain as a duo in December. Highlights include: our tireless tour manager David, the loose and fun crowd in Madrid, sharing a bill with Cat Power and Jeff Tweedy in Barcelona, and enjoying days off on the gorgeous island of Mallorca (the north coast knocked our socks off).

“CAST A HOOK IN ME VIDEO” – Clyde Petersen — video artist and overall creative superstar (and band helper) — came to Portland in mid-January and filmed a super 8 video for our new song “Cast a Hook in Me.” The vid features painted cut-out cardboard waves and serpents, among other sundry nautical things. Stay tuned for the final product…

AUSTRALIAN TOUR: Tucker and I just got back from a short, wonderful tour in Australia. For two soggy Northwesterners, the beaches and sunshine blasts were a godsend. Music fans in Oz are dedicated and it felt great to play for such warm, appreciative audiences.

Thanks to everyone for your help along the way!
xo Laura

Best Pillow Menu – The Point Hotel, Brisbane
Best Native Animal at the Healesville Sanctuary – tie between koala
and wombat (Thanks, Paul!)
Best Restaurant with Hot Aussie Waitresses – Cookie, Melbourne
Best Shop – Metropolis Books and Music, Melbourne
Best Beaches – Perth
Best Beach-Induced Heat Exhaustion – Perth
Best Fans – tie between smiling guy on the floor in Brisbane and two
travelers from Tasmania in Melbourne
Best Smell – eucalyptus breeze after rain in the Red Hills
Best Bill – Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea
Best Airline Food – Qantas
Best Laid-Back Airport Security – Australia
Best Surprise Visit from a Musical Wonder – Andrew Bird in Melbourne
Best Glass of Wine Enjoyed Beside a Famous Opera House – Sydney
Best Weather – Sydney
Best Sport Event – Australian Open (tennis)
Best Slang – “daggy”
Best Medicine for S.A.D.-affected Northerners – winter visit to the
Southern Hemisphere
Best Strangest Item Signed at the Merch Table – cutlery (Melbourne)
Best Book – “The Cave” by Jose SaramagoSaltbreakers