Rair Kx! 20 Years Later, Carbon Glacier LP Out Now

Rair Kx!

In this dark time of our new president’s inauguration, my old riot grrl punk band “Rair Kx!” is celebrating our 20th Anniversary. You can hear our 1997 song “Cheerleader” here. This band was the beginning of my life in music and it was informed by community, bravery and political struggle. It was a great way to start.

You can buy a T-shirt of the band here, and wear it with the thought of, “I’m gonna take action today to make this world a better, more just place.” The shirt costs $25 — $15 of that goes into production, $5 goes to Planned Parenthood, and $5 goes to Trans Women of Color Collective.

Here’s a nice blurb about the band, written by band member Britta Johnson:  “In January of 1996, Laura Veirs asked a group of friends (D. Hester on vocals, Lisa VanArsdale on drums, Britta Johnson on bass) to join her in forming a riot grrl band called Rair Kx! (the ‘Kx!’ part is pronounced with a guttural hissing sound and accompanied by a claw swipe in the air). A cat doodle she drew became the band’s logo. The band was an exciting feminist lesson in women giving themselves permission to be angry in public. Twenty years later, as a pussy-grabber becomes the US President, the angry cat seems more relevant than ever, and we thought we should offer this shirt.”



Carbon Glacier LP Reissue Out Now!

In other news, we have reissued Carbon Glacier on vinyl.  It sounds great.  Pick up a copy at The Raven Marching Band Shop or a finer record shop near you.