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What was your inspiration for the album?

Laura Veirs: Tucker and I had our son right after my July Flame record came out. I toured a bunch for that but then I was pretty tired out by being a new mom and by touring so much. I wanted to make a record, but something different than I’ve done, and also something where I didn’t have do all the songwriting (which takes a lot of energy and time which I didn’t really have then).

Also, we realized that there are some great children’s records out there, in particular Peggy Seeger’s Animal Folksongs for Children. We thought: “This is a cool art form, let’s try doing a really GOOD album for kids, one that our friends would like, too.”  Practically speaking, it was great to have new songs to sing to our son, too.

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It sounds as though you’ve found, as well, that there’s a crossover between what works for children and what works for adults.

I hope so. Really it’s not the three year-olds who have £15 or $15 to buy a record—it’s the parents. They’re the ones that are going to be putting it on. And I really wanted to make something that they would want to pick up. I mean there are great children’s records out there, but I think in general the bar is set a little low. People are searching for something good, and I hope we can provide them with something.

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