My First $1

Hi all,

I’m excited to go out on tour with Your Heart Breaks again. I leave tomorrow am and fly to NY. On saturday I go to learn how to make quilts with the wonderful designer Denyse Schmidt. If I can be really dedicated I will make one of her quilts this year. It’s nice that I have Carson, Becca, Gigi, and Corinna to keep me on track. i’m staying at my cousin alice’s apt. in park slope. It will be fun to see friends we’ve made over the years in Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales, as well. I feel lucky to be going on this trip.

i was reading through an old journal and found this little reminder of how much has happened…

“March 21, 1999

I made $1 at my first solo paid gig at Mr. Spot’s Chai House in
ballard. And the barista gave me a poem.”