London Show Review

Just a few words from the London Times to share with the interested:

While she was tuning her guitar Laura Veirs invited questions from the audience. The big one seemed to be “when is the baby due?”. “Mid-April,” replied the heavily pregnant singer. Boy or girl? “Don’t know.” How old are you? That one took a bit of prompting.

Veirs is 36 and comes from Portland, Oregon. She has just released her seventh album, July Flame, a twinkling patchwork of acoustic pop and folk that has received ecstatic reviews….

She sang about the great outdoors, the sea, the seasons and the seasons of love, with a great tenderness that was nevertheless tough at the core. To the Country involved a complicated backing vocal arrangement and an unusual electric guitar solo from Veirs, which sounded as if she was playing a sitar. “I wanted to make something good,” she sang at the end of the show. And she did.

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