Laura’s Parents’ Blog No. 5 – London

Lots of traffic on that drive north from Brighton to London! But, Tim fought our way off the main and very clogged roads to alternative after alternative and arrive we did on schedule at London’s Jazz Cafe. We are just north of central London on Camden where hoards of tourists gaggle and gape. Lots of noise, with TN napping through amazingly loud sounds of street-cleaning trucks brushing by, checkered emergency vehicles with sirens blaring, horns honking and brakes screeching. We walk a mile or so home to our hotel each night and enjoy the calm quiet. We search out green parks and are surprised when we find one designed by an elementary class in true Victorian-garden style. The students made scale drawings, visited an authentic Victorian garden, designed theirs, propagated plants and grew their own plants from seeds, and even built a stumpery.

Back at The Jazz Cafe, Tim did a sound check as The Hall of Flames practiced, Val danced with TN in the stroller, and Leslie photographed the shenanigans. We met Celia Brooks and her friend Justin, walked to a market area for Indian fare in a building originally used as a horse hospital. Waiting as we often were on the street outside the venue, we saw many people stop and look at the posters and some had tickets and others wished they did. One woman was scalping tickets but we don’t know how much money she was asking.