Laura’s Parents’ Blog No 3. – Leicester Festival

Pimms and lemonaid and VERY loud rock music took Leslie to a new plane here in the midlands yesterday.  After visiting the artist’s drink tent, Leslie and Alex had conversation that became very animated and fun. Laura and the band had just performed in front of a crowd of 500 jammed into the inside stage.  Outside rain squalls turned the outside stage to a muddy hill and inside lasers and strobes and a huge striped video screen gave Laura and Tucker and Alex and Karl a wide palette upon which they wove their acoustic and visual spell.  The drive here from Manchester was across lovely green hills with round-abouts (rotaries in this country) that we are getting better at negotiating.  At one point Leslie and I had the baby in the car and Laura and the band were in the tour van practicing as Tim drove.  TN woke up and after some play with Leslie he might have been thinking of food.  But, Laura was in the other vehicle. Horrors!  We called on the mobile but the van continued on and on.  Leslie made ridiculous mouth sounds, faces and blew gently at times.  This pleased TN and eventually we found a place to park the vehicles and mom sprang into action.  Today we are soon off to the beaches of Brighton.