Laura’s Parents’ Blog No. 8: Tour ends on the beach in Italy.

Ravenna by the sea — a beach resort and a spectacular historic city. Laura and the Hall of Flames played their last concert of this European tour last night on the beach as a full moon rose over the Adriatic Sea.

Tennessee got his first bit of beach sun and put his feet in the ocean for the first time. While we played on the beach the restaurant was transformed into a performance venue.

Leslie and I returned to the hotel in Ravenna and the band played until late. It was a good crowd and a great end to a great tour. After the music stopped, well after midnight, Karl headed for the airport in Venice to start his trip home to the Northwest.

Today Laura and Tucker and Tennessee enjoyed a much needed break from the long drives and evening performances. Leslie and I took in the sights of this ancient city — a world center for mosaics. A few are shown in the photos below.

Arrivaderci Italy and Arrivaderci to Laura Veirs and the Hall of Flames. Tomorrow Leslie and I head off on our own and Laura, TN, and Tucker visit Venice before returning to Portland.

We ‘granny nannies’ have had a great trip across Europe; learning how to help little 4 month old Tennessee cope with the rigors of travel and enjoying watching and listening to Laura and her band create musical art that touches people deeply and seeing beautiful places and meeting great people.