Laura’s Blog Update No. 9

Lille. Lots of fun in Paris! I am always so excited to play there and spend some time in that beautiful city. Thanks to all the enthusiastic people who came out to our show at Cafe de la Danse. 

In Lille Alex and I decided it was time to do our laundry. We traipsed through a bizarre complex of shopping malls to search out laundry detergent, and after 45 minutes we returned to the venue to learn that we’d bought fabric softener instead.  The washer and dryer were in the kitchen and the very sweet chef helped us find a tiny bit of proper detergent and we supplemented the load with shampoo and Dr. Bronner’s.  The chef asked us how dirty our laundry was.  We said “pretty dirty.”  So we washed the load at 60 degrees Celcius without thinking about it.  That’s 140 degrees Farenheit!  So now all of my increasingly small maternity clothes are now EVEN TIGHTER because we washed and dried them on such high heat.  I feel like a fish packed into a tin, but I’m hoping things will loosen up again soon. 

The chef said he’d put the laundry in the dryer for us during our show.  When we returned to get it after the show we discovered he’d carefully and lovingly folded ALL of it, including our shrunken underwear! By that time he’d gone home so there was no way to thank him. On top of that he cooked us the best meal yet on the tour, and served it with a kind smile.

In other news, a fan at the merch table after the Lille show insisted on telling me that “Carbon Glacier” is my best album and that I was lying (for “promotion”) when I said that “July Flame” is my favorite. What is it about the French and “Carbon Glacier”? I have yet to meet someone in this country who likes one of my other albums more than that one. I guess it struck a cultural vein of some kind…

Below are some pics of our amazingly energetic and upbeat Scottish tour manager/sound person Tim. He dresses in 50s fashion, never stops working on endless tour-related tasks, and always reminds us that we’re “Living the Dream”!