Laura’s Blog Update No. 4

Cambridge.  Cloudy and cold. At the Gateshead show the crowd was so quiet between songs you could have heard a crumb drop! Very sweet people, though. We all slept fitfully at the Royal Hotel; we’re sure it was haunted.  The walls were so thin we could hear the man in the next room BREATHING. Alex burst out of bed talking in her sleep and Tim had nightmares about driving the van with the back doors open and the gear falling out all over the road. 

We spent a lovely night in Manchester with our dear friend Bernie, her cute family and their cat Sooty.  Bernie hosts bands at her house.  I’ve stayed with her probably ten times over the past 5 years.  She always cooks us a lovely meal, tucks us into plush beds and is the last one to sleep and the first to rise in the morning.  She’s both a friend and a “mom away from home” and the one who told me: “You can do anything when you’re pregnant. It’s not an illness!”  WE LOVE BERNIE!