Laura’s Blog Update No. 3


Glasgow, Scotland. Finishing up a great book I found on a free shelf in a hotel: “My Family and Other Animals” by Gerald Durrell.  A sample passage: “The phosphorescence was particularly good that night. By plunging your hand into the water and dragging it along you could draw a wide-golden green ribbon of cold fire across the sea, and when you dived as you hit the surface it seemed as though you had plunged into a frosty furnace of glinting light.”
In other news… 
* Met up with the band and our Scottish tour manager/soundman Tim last night. Already having to ask Tim to repeat himself since it seems sometimes we’re speaking different languages. He is very nice and has his wife’s name “RUTH” tattooed in old-timey letters across the his fingers of his left hand. 
* Glucose levels still fine. Forearm is now a pin-pricked constellation. Craving orange juice, but it’s not ok to drink. Who put this basketball under my shirt? I can’t get to my socks. 
* I love the way British people describe food they like as “beautiful” and “gorgeous.”