Laura’s Blog Update No. 16

St. Louis, MO.  Dhani says that if anyone can tell us how many bricks there are in the city of St. Louis, they get a free cd.

For those who are curious, here’s the update on Top Five Winners of the International To the Country “Ooher-Aaher” Contest: 1. Arlington 2. Amsterdam 3. Boston 4. New York 5. Chapel Hill

Notes on pix below: 1. Alex’s real motivation for playing music. 2. The Mohawk in Austin. 3. Texas knows how to grow a cactus 4. The legendary Ralph White (banjoist/fiddler/arborist extraordinaire) in front of his homemade sauna 5. Shucks! Me and my sweetie (out of chronological order) 6-8. Downtown Denton, TX 9. Dhani and his new BFF at some random truck stop in Oklahoma 10. My new hat 11-18. Cold, clear St. Louis.

Thanks to the cute Nashville ladies who knit us an even cuter lime green baby hat!  Off to Chi-town in the am… We are all tired but feeling good!