Laura’s Blog Update No. 1

January 12th, 2010

Happy “July Flame” release day!

For those of you who don’t know, Tucker and I are expecting a baby in mid-April. I’m beginning my third trimester and will be posting blogs from time to time about how the tour is going. I’m doing it so I can have a record of my experience, and also to share my thoughts with other women who are touring pregnant or who are considering doing it.

I’ve already toured for two months of this pregnancy: once in the first trimester with The Decemberists (where we toured in a star-shape, criss-crossing the eastern and southern US, when I was dog-tired and slept for hours per day on a bench in our 15-passenger van), and once in the second trimester with Blind Pilot (when I was feeling more energetic but had fewer opportunities to eat well since we didn’t have the lavish backstage riders). So, fingers crossed for two more months of healthy touring up until the middle of week 35. First babies are usually born at week 41, so i’ll hopefully have some nesting time at home before all hell/heaven breaks loose!

On Friday I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This was a shock since I’ve always been healthy and didn’t know anything about it. It’s a fairly common yet unexplained condition that — if watched closely with diet and exercise — usually doesn’t affect the mother or the fetus after birth. So, I’ve been pricking myself 4 times daily and taking my blood sugar levels and everything seems stable, but what a pain! It’s a reminder that I need to take EXTRA special care to eat well and exercise on this tour, even if I am jostling around from one country to the next every day.

On Sunday I was a teary mess saying goodbye to Tucker. I’ve done long tours like this before, but there was certainly something hormonal telling me: stay home with your man and nest! But now that I’m in Paris on a promo trip before the tour dates start, I feel excited to be here sharing this new album with people.

Today I fought off jet lag by walking around this freezing city. Sacre Coeur looked like a fairyland in the distance. Even in winter the women are incredibly fashionable. People here are friendly but they don’t pick up their dog poop and they drive their motorcycles on the sidewalk. The architecture is humbling. I couldn’t find peanut butter in the grocery store and didn’t know how to ask for it. I left with peanuts, carrots, celery, cheese, greek yogurt, oranges, a banana and cashews (the stuff of my new diet). Tonight I’m going to have dinner at a Thai place with a dear old friend Jean Philippe. Tomorrow I do interviews on big French radio and TV stations. I feel lucky to be here.