Kid Tested, Pitchfork Approved

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Pitchfork Approved

Few sites inspire the kind of fear in independent musicians that Pitchfork does.  Known for long-form reviews from writers that seem to relish any opportunity to eviscerate an album with a critical eye, the Raven Marching Band Camp didn’t know quite what to expect from the bastion of hipsterdom when word came down that they were reviewing it.  (A cursory search couldn’t turn up any other Childrens titles in its vast trove.)

Happily, writer Joshua Love concludes:

Tumble Bee is a welcome addition to contemporary children’s music, not only because it’s sufficiently involving to appeal to adults, but also because it further demonstrates that songs for kids don’t have to be cloying or sanitized.”

(Cloying is a popular descriptor on the site.)


Kid Tested

Meanwhile children across the land–an equally discerning and even less inhibited audience–have been weighing in with their own critical approval which has been entertaining and delightful:

“My daughter keeps pressing her closed fingertips together (“more, more”) at the end of each song.”

“At the first starting, it just shivered me, like this. [Eliott demonstrates.] Woh-oh-oh-oh!!! And I don’t know what’s going on! I think it’s an earthquake! It just shivers me.” – Eliott, four and three quarters

“This is a good song for jumping and spinning around” -Tess, 5

“My daughter asks to listen to this album as she falls asleep, and I find myself wanting to do the same!” –

Henry Sings Along To Laura Veirs’ “Jack Can I Ride” by poundstone

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