Hurrah! July Flame is out now.  Directly support Laura with an LP/CD/download purchase via her web boutique Raven Marching Band (instant download with CD or LP purchase), or find it at your local finer record shop, or visit iTunes where this week it’s been anointed “Indie Spotlight Featured Album”, and is on sale for the first two weeks for a cool $7.99!

Here’s what’s been coming in on the wire:

“It’s full of texture… You almost want to run your hands across it and feel the nicks in the wood grain, or order it off the appetizer menu in your town’s new warehouse-district restaurant run by a ruddy-faced genius with a beard. It’s full of layered folk and indie-rock bucolia and plain-spoken but stretchy-thinking language, wherein everyday energies or objects transubstantiate into other, metaphorically richer ones. There are some great, seemingly unforced, séancelike moments here…”

The New York Times

“A lost 1960s girlie-folk gem is what it sounds like. A perfect Sunday afternoon record.”

– The Oxford American

“Warm yourself in midwinter with Laura Veirs’ “July Flame,” a summery song inspired by a succulent peach variety. It’s the title track of her idiosyncratic, captivating album by the same name.”

– UTNE Reader

“Were you the first to tell your friends about Neko Case’s Middle Cyclone in 2009? Female-singer-songwriter fan, your work is not yet done! The extraordinary Laura Veirs — a punk rocker–turned-underrated pop folkie — should inspire fits of similar evangelistic passion. Always in touch with the natural world, Veirs’ new album July Flame sends us on hikes through dreamy landscapes evoked by her uniquely tangy voice, casting minimal instrumentation in glistening arrangements to captivate the melancholy imagination. If sofa-size paintings of the Pacific Northwest could sing, they’d sound like this. A-”

Entertainment Weekly

“The magnificent Portland songwriter delves into the mystic, crafting spare, entrancing pop songs as informed by folk music as they are indie rock. July Flame takes its title from a type of peach, and its content is just as sweet and irresistible.”

Rolling Stone

“Her best album yet. Though folk at their roots, Veirs’ oddly beautiful songs songs have curious offshoots. Unlike some other nu-folkies, this feels organic and unforced; one reason why her albums, and this in particular, have such resonance. July Flame teems with animals and vegetables… Yet the overall sense is one of calm and reflection, her serene voice flowing over everything like a river.”

– Filter (FOUR STARS)

“It’s hard to imagine a better soundtrack to the chilly months than this collection of heady, steady, pensive songs. Warmer and rootsier than her earlier work… July Flame is carefully composed, ever-deepening, glinting and glowing in new ways each time it’s played; it’s Veirs’ finest work.”

Paste (8.5)

“This is a vivid song cycle that’s part-ecstasy, part-sadness, and unfailingly lovely.”


“There is no shortage of quality songs here. A wistful soundtrack to your winter.”

Under The Radar