I Can See Your Tracks Contest Results

A hearty thanks goes out to all of the creative individuals that submitted a video for the “I Can See Your Tracks” contest.  It turned out to be really hard to choose a winner and runners up (and a little tricky to transfer from DVD to YouTube) but we are pleased to crown Alden Healy from San Francisco, CA as the winner with this intriguing use of human interest newsreel footage to elucidate the haunting tenderness of the song:


Second place goes to Dan Fields of Baltimore, MD for creatively pairing the song to stills from the Apollo 11 mission.  Who knew Jim James soaring vocals make for a terrific soundtrack to the iconic “Earthrise” photos?

Third goes to Karen Anderson of Hood River, OR, who turned in an simple, almost meditative treatment which uses footage of our locally beloved stratovolcano, Mt. Hood.

Thanks again to all the videographers that participated!