Laura’s Parents’ Blog No. 6: Groningen, Netherlands

It was a long 14 hour drive from London to Dover and through the Chunnel and through a bit of France and across Belgium and on to where the Netherlands meets the North Sea. Tennessee was such a good traveler and Leslie was such a good baby whisperer.
We all have enjoyed the green city of Groningen in the Netherlands. There are bikers everywhere: working women in all attires, including high heels; people carrying paintings, paint cans, flowers, bread, children and partners. A calm prevails as bikers bike and cars pass by slowly.
Today it rained, and Tenn and his granny nannies and many others got caught in a downpour near one of the canals.
The arts festival began today and will continue for the next ten days, with a wide variety of performing arts, including children’s activities. We wandered through the park grounds, sampling tiny Dutch pancakes dusted with powdered sugar, yummy ice cream sandwiches, and great koffee from food kiosks scattered between the venues. Laura, Tucker, Alex and Karl performed in the Spiegeltent, a charming round wooden structure with colorful stained glass windows. They reported (at 12:30 a.m.) that the tent was packed and that the concert was well-received.

I (Val) have noted that this town if filled with tall and beautiful people! It is not uncommon to see a 6 foot tall woman wearing 3″ heals and towering over her male partner!

Tomorrow morning we leave Groningen for Frankfort where Laura and the Hall of Flames perform in the evening.