Laura’s Parents’ Blog No 1. – Arrival

‘Home’ at Bernie’s in Manchester The Laura Veirs European tour started in Portland when we all headed off in different directions with the aim of meeting at Heathrow many hours later. Laura and Tucker and Tennessee left at 6:30 in the morning to fly to London via Philadelphia. Karl left mid morning to go via Dallas. Then Alex left after lunch to go via Calgary and Leslie and I (Laura’s parents) left some hours later to go via Minneapolis. Through the quite workable magic of being packed into packed airplanes, we all met up again in England! Tim picked us up in his Sprinter and we sprinted to a car rental place where we came out with a big (for England) black hatchback.

So, the tour begins. Through rainy downpours and sparkling sun beams and rounding multiple roundabouts, we transited through Birmingham and on to Bernie’s home in Manchester. Here we met the fabulous hostess, Bernie, about whom we had heard so much from Laura over many earlier UK tours. Bernie’s home is a veritable way-station for traveling musicians.

But, this is likely nearly the last as Bernie and her family are clearing out this large home and moving lock, stock and barrel to Vancouver BC at the end of this month.