Laura Veirs, Published Author.

Laura has contributed a fictional short story called “The Bird Feeder” to Amplified, a collection of writings from leading indie rock, folk, and alt-country musicians like Rhett Miller and Jim White. It will be released on May 5th and is available through Melville House Publishing for $16.95.

“Two Beers Veirs” on iTunes

Laura’s been staying very busy with preparations for the next full-length album, to be released later this year. It’s all very exciting stuff! Stay tuned for more details.

In the mean time, we have other great news for you:

Her latest self-released EP of cover songs, Two Beers Veirs, which was previously only available through Laura’s website and on tour, is now available as a digital release on iTunes for $4.95! You can do a quick search for “Two Beers Veirs” in the iTunes store or click HERE to go directly the album.

Laura says the conception of Two Beers Veirs was that of long time inspiration and spontaneous motivation: “I had been talking with Tucker about recording some of my favorite songs for a tour EP and one night at midnight he said, “Well, let’s just go and do it!” We headed downstairs and came up four hours later with an EP of songs that are dear to me.”

Also, we’ve lowered the price of The Young Rapture Choir CD to $5! Check out that and other goodies at the Raven Marching Band Records website.

Until next time. . .

Upcoming UK Tour This Summer!

Hi Everyone,

Looking forward to coming over to merry old England to play a bevy of shows in July with my old friend Alex Guy ( Alex will be opening the shows with a badass display of mind-boggling viola loops and sonorous singing; I’ll play solo with Alex joining me on a few songs each night (you can hear Alex (aka Liz) on “Blue Ink” on the ‘red’ record.) I’ll have my guitar, banjo and looping station at my disposal — and I will do with them as I please! Or they will do with me as THEY please. Regardless, I’ll be playing songs again in England, and hoping for a little sunshine since Portland seems to be damned to an eternal winter. This will be my last visit to the old world for a while, so I hope to see you out there screaming your booties off.

I recorded a limited edition tour-and-web-only covers EP called “Two Beers Veirs.” The songs are all faves of mine, very dear to my heart, and I will be hawking said EP at the shows.

Also, I’ll bring along the last three albums on vinyl — I know how you artsy people love records. Me too!

In other news: OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA!


Best of May Fun Tour 2008

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us during our spring tour with liam, ej and sam!

love,  laura and meghan

Best of May Fun Tour 2008
vancouver — best hot pink comforters at hotel
seattle — best mango-lime and lemongrass halibut with spicy green beans
pdx — best boyfriend tied with best kittens
sf — best succulent landscaping
la — that taco truck was soooooooooo good!
phoenix — best pool in the middle of the desert
denver — best breakfast
omaha — best maggie
minneapolis — best merch trade: flight of the conchords
milwaukie — best acoustics
chicago — best apartment tied with best rowdy crowd tied with best screen-printed poster
louisville — best unprompted syncopated clappers
nashville — best home away from home
atlanta — best post-show backstage drunkard (that guy was crazy!)
dc — tie between best obama dream and best sarah and sokol
philly — best gelato tied with best windy morning swim
nyc — best audience
boston — tie between best hotel quilts and best hotel soap
toronto — best lamps

“Two Beers Veirs”

Laura Veirs’ newly recorded, limited edition covers album, Two Beers Veirs, is now available for purchase. This collector’s item CD will only be available for purchase on tour and through the Raven Marching Band Shop.


Laura will be part of the Live Wire! Radio show on Saturday, April 12, 2008 She will be interviewed and perform a few songs solo live. Here’s more info:

The Aladdin Theater
3017 SE Milwaukie Ave.
Portland, OR 97202
Show at 8 PM (doors at 7 PM)
Tickets $15 (Box office or Ticketmaster)

Other guests include musical guest Seattle’s Grand Archives and famed author Ursula K. LeGuin. The show will be broadcast on Saturday, April 19th at 7pm PST.

Live Wire! is an independently produced radio variety show recorded in front of a theater audience at the Aladdin Theater in Portland and broadcast on Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB). The show includes original sketch comedy, illuminating interviews and local and national musical guests. Visit for more info.

Solo Tour w/ Liam Finn, Wares & Scraps

Hi all,

I’m excited to be going on tour through North America this spring with Liam Finn of New Zealand. I’ll be on stage solo this time — with my guitar, my banjo and my looping pedal. I’ll be selling some new musical wares and will be collecting any and all fabric scraps that people want to donate for my next ‘improv quilt’ (just finished my first one — pix coming soon). Looking forward to seeing you out there!



Best of Haunted UK/Ireland Winter Tour 2008

We are at our last gig of a two-week tour, across the seas in the UK. If you haven’t seen it, check out the latest news and photos on the myspace blog!

Best Woman Slowly Caressing Man’s Neck at Show: Bristol/Thekla
Best Ship Show: Bristol/Thekla
Best Firecracker Club Owner: Ben in Nottingham at the Maze
Best Explosion: truck tire on the motorway towards Southampton
à Best Tour Moms: Bernie and Inge
Best Tour Bros: Martin and Janoh
Best Fabric Gift: Tea towel in Exeter
Best Estonian Fan: London, KWest reception
Best Fish Pie: Billboard on the motorway, England
Best Rivalry: tie between England vs Ireland/England vs Scotland
Best Use of the Letter “Y”: Welsh language
Best Insomnia: Dublin
à Best Candy: gummy fried eggs in Dublin
Best Merch Table Stragglers: Leeds/Faversham
Best Snow: Aberdeen
Best Spicy Food Ever: Thai food in Nottingham
Best Baby Crying in Adjacent Hotel Room: Oxford
Best Encounter with Hot Famous Guy: Sam Riley at BBC 4 in London
Best 2-ft Tall Cocktails: with Matthew and Katie in London
Best Giant Hare Running in Field: the south of England
Best Broken Treadmill: exercise room of Future Inn in Cardiff

My First $1

Hi all,

I’m excited to go out on tour with Your Heart Breaks again. I leave tomorrow am and fly to NY. On saturday I go to learn how to make quilts with the wonderful designer Denyse Schmidt. If I can be really dedicated I will make one of her quilts this year. It’s nice that I have Carson, Becca, Gigi, and Corinna to keep me on track. i’m staying at my cousin alice’s apt. in park slope. It will be fun to see friends we’ve made over the years in Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales, as well. I feel lucky to be going on this trip.

i was reading through an old journal and found this little reminder of how much has happened…

“March 21, 1999

I made $1 at my first solo paid gig at Mr. Spot’s Chai House in
ballard. And the barista gave me a poem.”

Carbon Glacier LP

We are so pleased to announce the release of Carbon Glacier on 180 Gram Vinyl! Our amazing friends at Jealous Butcher Records just received it back from the pressing plant! It’s a very limited release, so if you are interested, go ahead and order it here!