Saltbreakers LP, Best of Tour List

Hello Everyone,

We have some exciting news. Saltbreakers has been released on 180-Gram Virgin Vinyl by Portland-based record label, Film Guerrero. It’s a gatefold record, and it looks and sounds wonderful. They only pressed 500 of them, and you can order it here!

Also, we have raised one-thousand dollars for the Young Rapture Choir, through sales of their cd. You can donate to the choir by ordering that limited edition cd here.

And finally, the clock is counting down on the video contest. Be sure to submit your entries, postmarked by August 31. Check the website for all the details.

Here’s the best of lists from the most recent tours. Thanks so much for coming out and supporting these shows! The band will be out and touring North America this fall, so keep checking the website for those tour dates.

See you in the fall!

Best of Solo European Summer Tour

Best Driving Music – tie between Alice Coltrane’s “Journey in Satchidananda” and Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon”
Best Gift from a Fan – a piece of Mars from Alastair of Meteors Belief Project
Best Helpful Pals – Katie, Matthew and Phil — THANKS!
Best Worst Idea for Pre-Bedtime TV Movie – “Jaws” in Newcastle
Best Solution to “Jaws” Anxiety – Ambien from the nice Irish/Alaskan lady on the plane
Best Goths – teens hanging around the churchyards in Newcastle
Best View – Ireland, from the plane
Best Audience Participation: Whistling – London
Best Solo Show by 71-Yr-Old Legend – Kris Kristofferson in Newcastle
Best Sunny Seaside Show – Brighton
Best Lakeside Show with View of Alps – Zurich
Best Psychedelic Tree – Zurich
Best Freakiest Driving – Into central London solo
Best Wind Blowing Through a Forest at Night – Zurich
Best Day Off – riding bikes, cooking dinner and playing Scrabble with Letitia, Perry, Katie, Tom and Chris at Bernie’s in Manchester
Best Golden-Lit Countryside Drive – Ledbury to London
Best Goddess of Rhythm – Juana Molina at the Big Chill Festival

Thanks so much to all who helped along the way — this was a challenging but satisfying tour.
xo Laura

Best of Solo Summer Tour with Mirah!

Best Baba Ganoush – Aladdin in Columbus
Best Rain Storm – Cleveland
Best In-House Vegan Dinner – Beachland in Cleveland
Best Corn Fritters – Aunt Barbara’s in Chicago
Best Home-Town Welcome – Bryce’s Mom’s House in Columbus
Best Friendliest Parking Attendant – Chicago
Best Historical Tour Guide – Jen in Pittsburgh
Best Guitar Hero Video Game Collaboration – Leyna and LV at Chris’
house in Bloomington
Best Hospitality Spread – Wexner Center in Columbus
Best Band Photo Session – by the chain link fence outside the Black
Cat in D.C.
Best Indoor Arctic Winds – Diesel Club lounge air conditioning in
Best Monitor Guy – Wayne in Bloomington
Best GPS – Tommy
Best Coffee-Induced Banter – Pittsburgh

Best of USA Spring tour with LAKE

Hi! We’re back – safe, sound and bleary-eyed – from our month-long
US tour. Thanks to Clyde for doing such a kick-ass job as tour manager!

Best of USA Spring tour with LAKE

Best Venue Crew: Gramercy Theater in NYC
Best Baby Owls on a Fence: Asheville, NC
Best Border Crossing: Toronto
Best Hot Audience with Sleeping Soundman: Montreal
Best Cushy Place to Stay: Linda and Layng’s in Nashville
Best Warm Welcome from Venue Staff: Grimey at the Basement in Nashville
Best “To the Country” Clappers: tie between Asheville and Detroit
Best Visit from a Dude Named Jams: Arlington
Best Mystery Drug Gift (Not Taken): Detroit
Best Giant Teddy Bears Playing Hardcore in the Next Room: Captured by
Robots in Cleveland
Best Huge Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: Columbus
Best Homies: Tin Angel in Philly
Best Beignets by the Mississippi: New Orleans
Best Oldest Audience of All Time: Ten at Ten NBC TV in Philly
Best “Laura!” Chanters: Atlanta
Best Venue Food: Shuba’s in Chicago
Best BBQ: Mary and Susan’s in Buffalo
Best Scenic Visit: Niagra Falls
Best Kids Hanging Around at Sound Check: Charlottesville
Best Book: tie between “Electric Michelangelo” by Sarah Hall and a
short story collection of Patricia Highsmith
Best Dumb Name for Winnebago: “Patriot Thunder”
Best Karl Blau Root Canal: Nashville
Best Bandmate Fill-in: Eli Moore in Atlanta
Best Ripe Smells: New Orleans
Best Fan Ever: Gelli at Walter’s in Houston
Best First Hot Girls to Offer Steve Weed: Dallas
Best Poolside Breakfast: Michael’s Mom’s house in Dallas
Best Best Wurst: Austin
Best Green Room: tie between Mohawk in Austin and Rio Theater in
Santa Cruz
Best Snow Leopard: at the zoo in Albuquerque
Best Engineered Home Fountain Display: Ann and Johndale’s near Phoenix
Best Opening Band: L.A.K.E.!
Best Pre-show Jalapeno, Pineapple and Pepperoni Pizza: San Diego
Best Psychological Breakdown: in the very scary haunted house on the
boardwalk in Santa Cruz
Best Surprise Visit from LV’s Parents: San Francisco
Best Festival of Exhaustion: two shows in one night in Seattle at the
end of the tour
Best Homecoming Show: Aladdin in Portland

Thanks to all of our tour buddies for all your hard work, and thanks to all you peeps for coming out to our shows! We had so many adventures…

Laura and Saltbreakers

Saltbreatkers Announced


NEW RECORD: In September and October we recorded a new album at Tucker’s house in Seattle. It’s called “Saltbreakers” (a term for “waves”) and comes out around the world on Nonesuch Records in late March. Steve, Karl, Tucker and I are the band, and we’ll be touring around in fancy outfits from late March through early June. I’m proud of this recording and feel it’s our most energetic, visceral yet.

MOVED TO PORTLAND, OR: Tucker and I moved to Portland! Steve is still in Seattle, and Karl’s in Anacortes. Portland is a beautiful town just 2.5 hours down the road from our dear Seattle peeps.

SPAIN/PORTUGAL TOUR: Tucker and I toured Portugal and Spain as a duo in December. Highlights include: our tireless tour manager David, the loose and fun crowd in Madrid, sharing a bill with Cat Power and Jeff Tweedy in Barcelona, and enjoying days off on the gorgeous island of Mallorca (the north coast knocked our socks off).

“CAST A HOOK IN ME VIDEO” – Clyde Petersen — video artist and overall creative superstar (and band helper) — came to Portland in mid-January and filmed a super 8 video for our new song “Cast a Hook in Me.” The vid features painted cut-out cardboard waves and serpents, among other sundry nautical things. Stay tuned for the final product…

AUSTRALIAN TOUR: Tucker and I just got back from a short, wonderful tour in Australia. For two soggy Northwesterners, the beaches and sunshine blasts were a godsend. Music fans in Oz are dedicated and it felt great to play for such warm, appreciative audiences.

Thanks to everyone for your help along the way!
xo Laura

Best Pillow Menu – The Point Hotel, Brisbane
Best Native Animal at the Healesville Sanctuary – tie between koala
and wombat (Thanks, Paul!)
Best Restaurant with Hot Aussie Waitresses – Cookie, Melbourne
Best Shop – Metropolis Books and Music, Melbourne
Best Beaches – Perth
Best Beach-Induced Heat Exhaustion – Perth
Best Fans – tie between smiling guy on the floor in Brisbane and two
travelers from Tasmania in Melbourne
Best Smell – eucalyptus breeze after rain in the Red Hills
Best Bill – Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea
Best Airline Food – Qantas
Best Laid-Back Airport Security – Australia
Best Surprise Visit from a Musical Wonder – Andrew Bird in Melbourne
Best Glass of Wine Enjoyed Beside a Famous Opera House – Sydney
Best Weather – Sydney
Best Sport Event – Australian Open (tennis)
Best Slang – “daggy”
Best Medicine for S.A.D.-affected Northerners – winter visit to the
Southern Hemisphere
Best Strangest Item Signed at the Merch Table – cutlery (Melbourne)
Best Book – “The Cave” by Jose SaramagoSaltbreakers

Secret Someones Video

The music video for “Secret Someones” will be screening at South by Southwest this year! We are so excited. If you are at the festival, go check it out and support the film. It will be playing with the music videos. Click here for screening times.

Also, the release dates are set for the new album Saltbreakers. They are March 26th in Europe, and April 10th in North America. The Don’t Lose Yourself single will be released in the UK on March 19 on CD and colored vinyl!