Laura’s Parents’ Blog No 4. Brighton — Komedia

We (this is Leslie writing) had a nice drive south through forest and green Holstien-studded fields from Leicester. We arrived in Brighton, where Laura and Tucker managed the difficult route-finding through extremely narrow and picturesque lanes in the downtown area. We then went to Komedia, a well-known live entertainment venue which has a reputation for hosting award-winning cabaret, music and comedy teams. After the July Flames practiced and we enjoyed delicious, fresh salads from a local vegetarian place called Bill’s, Val and I took off with TN for the 3 mile walk back to our hotel along the beachfront promenade. Tenn loved looking at the magnificent lighted Royal Pavilion, which was originally built as King George IV’s pleasure palace. It’s an extensive series of buildings with impressive Indian architecture, magnificently restored to its original 1823 splendor. We then perambulated back to the hotel, taking in the fresh sea breezes along with assorted people activity along the way. Guess who was soundly asleep by the time we arrived…..

Laura’s Parents’ Blog No 3. – Leicester Festival

Pimms and lemonaid and VERY loud rock music took Leslie to a new plane here in the midlands yesterday.  After visiting the artist’s drink tent, Leslie and Alex had conversation that became very animated and fun. Laura and the band had just performed in front of a crowd of 500 jammed into the inside stage.  Outside rain squalls turned the outside stage to a muddy hill and inside lasers and strobes and a huge striped video screen gave Laura and Tucker and Alex and Karl a wide palette upon which they wove their acoustic and visual spell.  The drive here from Manchester was across lovely green hills with round-abouts (rotaries in this country) that we are getting better at negotiating.  At one point Leslie and I had the baby in the car and Laura and the band were in the tour van practicing as Tim drove.  TN woke up and after some play with Leslie he might have been thinking of food.  But, Laura was in the other vehicle. Horrors!  We called on the mobile but the van continued on and on.  Leslie made ridiculous mouth sounds, faces and blew gently at times.  This pleased TN and eventually we found a place to park the vehicles and mom sprang into action.  Today we are soon off to the beaches of Brighton.

Laura’s Parents’ Blog No 2. – Day One

Laura and Alex and Karl and Tucker set up their equipment at Bernie’s house and had a good practice session this morning.  Everyone slept pretty late after our long and disorienting flight from Portland.  Leslie and I took Tennessee on a neighborhood tour where we watched the ducks and pigeons in the park and enjoyed the ancient trees and elegant if somewhat aged row houses in this neighborhood.

Midafternoon, we drove to the Ruby Lounge where the band set up and ran through their numbers while the “granny nannies” and TN wandered in the central business area of downtown Manchester.

Laura’s Parents’ Blog No 1. – Arrival

‘Home’ at Bernie’s in Manchester The Laura Veirs European tour started in Portland when we all headed off in different directions with the aim of meeting at Heathrow many hours later. Laura and Tucker and Tennessee left at 6:30 in the morning to fly to London via Philadelphia. Karl left mid morning to go via Dallas. Then Alex left after lunch to go via Calgary and Leslie and I (Laura’s parents) left some hours later to go via Minneapolis. Through the quite workable magic of being packed into packed airplanes, we all met up again in England! Tim picked us up in his Sprinter and we sprinted to a car rental place where we came out with a big (for England) black hatchback.

So, the tour begins. Through rainy downpours and sparkling sun beams and rounding multiple roundabouts, we transited through Birmingham and on to Bernie’s home in Manchester. Here we met the fabulous hostess, Bernie, about whom we had heard so much from Laura over many earlier UK tours. Bernie’s home is a veritable way-station for traveling musicians.

But, this is likely nearly the last as Bernie and her family are clearing out this large home and moving lock, stock and barrel to Vancouver BC at the end of this month.

Laura Participates In PDX Forum.

On July 9, Laura Veirs, along with Portland musicians Dave Allen, Rachel Blumberg and Jared Mees, discussed factors that contribute to the success of Portland’s independent music scene, the ever-changing landscape of the music industry and music distribution, and why we should care about sustaining independent music in Portland. Have a listen:

Friday Forum: The Portland Music Scene Audio

Read more here:

PDX City Club – Friday Forum: The Portland Music Scene

Laura Veirs Daytrotter Session!

Laura Veirs was eight-plus months pregnant at the time of this recording. It’s something that you can’t pick out, no matter how hard you try – how closely you lean in. The Portland songwriter was with child for the first time and she was still out on the road, but nearing the end of this run of dates before heading home to wait out what could have been any day or any week, when that baby would be in her arms, looking up at the pretty, perfect match for a librarian that anyone could ever imagine, who happens to be its mommy. Veirs didn’t seem at all too uncomfortable, and if she was, she wasn’t letting on. She didn’t have a noticeable waddle. She seemed to be managing fairly well, considering the circumstances and enduring lengthy van rides every morning and afternoon…

Read more and listen to the entire session at Daytrotter

Laura Veirs to Tour EU in August, N. America in Sept, Oct!


Laura Veirs & the Hall of Flames (Alex Guy, Tucker Martine, & Karl Blau and Laura Veirs).

Karl Blau and Led to Sea will be opening all non-festival shows.


8/13: Ruby Lounge, Manchester
8/14: Summer Sundae Festival, Leicester
8/15: Komedia, Brighton
8/16: Jazz Cafe, Parkway, London
8/17: Jazz Cafe, Parkway, London
8/19: Noorderzon Festival, Groningen, Netherlands
8/20: Brotfabrik, Frankfurt, Germany
8/23: Ravenna Marina Festival, Ravenna, Italy


Laura Veirs & the Hall of Flames will be playing two festivals in the NW:

9/6: Bumbershoot, Seattle, WA
9/11: Musicfest NW, Portland, OR


Laura Veirs & the Hall of Flames with The Watson Twins, Led to Sea

9/14: Bowery Ballroom, New York
9/15: TT The Bears, Cambridge
9/16: The Note, West Chester
9/17: Birchmere, Alexandria
9/18: Local 506, Chapel Hill
9/19: The Earl, Atlanta
9/20: The Basement, Nashville
9/22: Zanzabar, Louisville
9/23: Off Broadway, St Louis
9/24: The Frequency, Madison
9/25: Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapois
9/27: Lincoln Hall, Chicago
9/28: Beachland, Cleveland
9/29: Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
9/30: O Patro Vys, Montreal
10/1: Iron Horse, Northampton

Tennessee is Rockin’ the House!

Hello all, 

Welcome Tennessee Veirs Martine! Our cute-as-a-button boy is now 4 1/2 weeks old. He loves music and will be headed to Europe with us on tour in August.  Dates coming soon! 

Love, Laura

Laura’s Blog Update No. 19

Portland, OR.  Home sweet home! We had a great run up the West Coast and now we’re finally catching our breath.  Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported us at our shows.  It was a meaningful, exhausting and successful tour.  Stay tuned for European summer and US fall dates! Love, Laura and The Hall of Flames