Best of Solo Summer Tour with Mirah!

Best Baba Ganoush – Aladdin in Columbus
Best Rain Storm – Cleveland
Best In-House Vegan Dinner – Beachland in Cleveland
Best Corn Fritters – Aunt Barbara’s in Chicago
Best Home-Town Welcome – Bryce’s Mom’s House in Columbus
Best Friendliest Parking Attendant – Chicago
Best Historical Tour Guide – Jen in Pittsburgh
Best Guitar Hero Video Game Collaboration – Leyna and LV at Chris’
house in Bloomington
Best Hospitality Spread – Wexner Center in Columbus
Best Band Photo Session – by the chain link fence outside the Black
Cat in D.C.
Best Indoor Arctic Winds – Diesel Club lounge air conditioning in
Best Monitor Guy – Wayne in Bloomington
Best GPS – Tommy
Best Coffee-Induced Banter – Pittsburgh