Best of May Fun Tour 2008

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us during our spring tour with liam, ej and sam!

love,  laura and meghan

Best of May Fun Tour 2008
vancouver — best hot pink comforters at hotel
seattle — best mango-lime and lemongrass halibut with spicy green beans
pdx — best boyfriend tied with best kittens
sf — best succulent landscaping
la — that taco truck was soooooooooo good!
phoenix — best pool in the middle of the desert
denver — best breakfast
omaha — best maggie
minneapolis — best merch trade: flight of the conchords
milwaukie — best acoustics
chicago — best apartment tied with best rowdy crowd tied with best screen-printed poster
louisville — best unprompted syncopated clappers
nashville — best home away from home
atlanta — best post-show backstage drunkard (that guy was crazy!)
dc — tie between best obama dream and best sarah and sokol
philly — best gelato tied with best windy morning swim
nyc — best audience
boston — tie between best hotel quilts and best hotel soap
toronto — best lamps