Best of Haunted UK/Ireland Winter Tour 2008

We are at our last gig of a two-week tour, across the seas in the UK. If you haven’t seen it, check out the latest news and photos on the myspace blog!

Best Woman Slowly Caressing Man’s Neck at Show: Bristol/Thekla
Best Ship Show: Bristol/Thekla
Best Firecracker Club Owner: Ben in Nottingham at the Maze
Best Explosion: truck tire on the motorway towards Southampton
à Best Tour Moms: Bernie and Inge
Best Tour Bros: Martin and Janoh
Best Fabric Gift: Tea towel in Exeter
Best Estonian Fan: London, KWest reception
Best Fish Pie: Billboard on the motorway, England
Best Rivalry: tie between England vs Ireland/England vs Scotland
Best Use of the Letter “Y”: Welsh language
Best Insomnia: Dublin
à Best Candy: gummy fried eggs in Dublin
Best Merch Table Stragglers: Leeds/Faversham
Best Snow: Aberdeen
Best Spicy Food Ever: Thai food in Nottingham
Best Baby Crying in Adjacent Hotel Room: Oxford
Best Encounter with Hot Famous Guy: Sam Riley at BBC 4 in London
Best 2-ft Tall Cocktails: with Matthew and Katie in London
Best Giant Hare Running in Field: the south of England
Best Broken Treadmill: exercise room of Future Inn in Cardiff