A Child’s Appraisal and Interview w/ Laura Veirs

A Child’s Garden of Song; We Sent a Kid to Interview Laura Veirs

LAURA VEIRS Portland’s Raffi.

A BUNCH OF GROWNUPS talking about a kids’ record is fine and well, but we knew we needed to keep Tumble Bee‘s target audience in mind. So we sent guest interviewer Eliott Black on a special assignment. At a mere four and three-quarters years old, Black possesses the inquisitive prowess of a young Terry Gross, and it was his job to hold Veirs accountable to her primary audience. When Black wasn’t demonstrating his invented dance moves to “Jump Down Spin Around,” he really got to the meat.

ELIOTT BLACK, AGE FOUR AND THREE QUARTERS: “Tumblebee” is my favorite, and also “Jump Down Spin Around.” At the first starting, it just shivered me, like this. [Eliott demonstrates.] Woh-oh-oh-oh!!! And I don’t know what’s going on! I think it’s an earthquake! It just shivers me.
LAURA VEIRS: You get excited when you hear those first beats? There are a lot of voices on that song, and there are drums, so I think that’s exciting.

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