You can purchase Laura Veirs merchandise, including The Young Rapture Choir album and older cds, from her home-spun label Raven Marching Band Records. Please listen to tracks from any of her albums below.
Tumble Bee

Tumble Bee

(RMB, 2011)

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Laura Veirs sings folk songs for children

July Flame

July Flame

(RMB, 2010)

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‘Songs that stand on their own.’


Two Beers Veirs

(RMB, 2008)

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Limited Edition Covers EP


(Nonesuch, 2007)

The last release from Nonesuch Records.


The Young Rapture Choir

(RMB, 2006)

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This choir of students from Cognac, France sings nine songs by Laura Veirs. Recorded live by Tucker Martine.


Year of Meteors

(Nonesuch, 2005)

Veirs returns with a shimmery, even summery album of pop and folk gems


Carbon Glacier

(Bella Union, 2004)
(Nonesuch, 2004)

Veirs comes into her own with a clear, icy, strange and stunning collection of songs.


Troubled by the Fire

(Bella Union, 2003)

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A little bitto folk and country and rock n’ roll. Viola, drums, and Wurlitzer add to Laura’s guitar and banjo-based songs.


The Triumphs and Travails of Orphan Mae

(RMB, 2001)

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A beautiful, sparsely-instrumentated country-folk concept album about a young lady travelling the American West.
“John Henry Lives”“Jailhouse Fire”


Laura Veirs

(RMB, 1999)


Recorded live in 3 hours. Just Laura and guitar.

OtherListen to the Young Rapture Choir, led by Patrice Cleyrat, and their live performance of Magnetized and Cannon Fodder from April 8, 2006. Also, hear the beautiful renditions of Rapture and The Cloud Room performed by some of the same students in France in 2005.